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About Us

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Fostering the Future

5 years ago we were just a group of foster parents

supporting each other on this roller coaster ride of foster care........then we realized we were surrounded by a community that was eager to help but were not sure how, so we decided to share with them the many ways they can support foster care .

We never imagined we would be where we are today.

Each year your support brings us closer to fulfilling our vision - a full time Foster Care Resource Center for our caregivers and youth, providing a safe haven for support and access to resources to ease the transitions of our foster youth. 

......a Foster Closet full of the items that children need when they first enter care or as needs arise while in foster care. 

...... a Caregiver Lounge where caregivers can lean on one another, share success stories and mentor new caregivers.

...... a Kid's Corner where the children can play freely with other children who share their journey while their caregivers shop and receive support.

For 2023 our goal is to maximize our current programming by growing   our team and expanding our space.



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2022 has produced our largest impact yet, as of November 1st we

supported 145 families across 8 counties providing:

over 300 requests including 92 New Placement Bags for children

when they first enter foster care

126 Stuffed Bookbags and 67 First Day of School Outfits

105 Halloween Costumes

5 Moving Forward Grants to Aging Out Youth

145 Easter Baskets

.......and we are on target to grant over 50 holiday wishes, providing 70 family holiday boxes, and giving over 100 children a private visit

with Santa this holiday season! 

















The heart of Foster Pantry is our New Placement Kit ~ where we provide essential needs and resources to children when they first enter care. Throughout the year we also provide support and care packages during holidays and life events to add a little normalcy during times that are often filled with fear and anxiety. 

In 2023 we hope to learn more about how to support our foster youth, from those who know best by creating a Youth Advisory Committee. Our hope is to have this team of current and former youth review, analyze and guide our board as we roll out our programming next year. 

We also look forward to launching our Child Safety Seat program thanks to the support from the Landfall Foundation. This program will provide our caregivers with the education needed to ensure child safety seats are properly installed, periodic Child Safety Seat checks by certified technicians and provide new car seats when children enter foster care. 



Our team of volunteers, supporters and partners all have one thing in common....a passion for helping the foster care community. 

In 2023 we look forward to building our team of Volunteers, building our Board of Directors, and look forward to hiring a full-time Employee or two!

This will allow us to plan bigger events, expand our programs, decrease our turnaround time for requests, build better relationships with partners and agencies, and share our mission with the community. We look at we have accomplished over the last five years as a 100% volunteer ran organization and we cannot wait to see what we can do with as we build our team!

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming Volunteer Orientation and Board of Directors Application process in early January!


From a foster mom's garage, to a storage unit, to a shared space with a local business, back to storage units....... 

We are blessed to have the support of Healty Blue of NC who provided us funding to secure our home in the Harrelson Center in May of 2021.

When we moved in, we occupied a little over 800 square feet. However, we quickly outgrew that space expanding from 3 offices to 5 for a total of 1400 within the first year. Thats 1400 Square Feet of space filled with 90% NEW ITEMS for children coming into foster care. Our newest edition is a Shopping Space where the kids and families can come in and shop for new clothing, shoes, books, and school supplies. 

Being at the Harrelson Center has been a blessing in so many ways, aside from providing us below market rent for our operations, they have provided us with a community, a family of fellow nonprofits to increase our resources for our families and to mentor us as we grow, 

The Harrelson Center currently has over 15,000 square feet of customizable space that will be available spring 2023. Our board is looking forward to pursuing this opportunity to expand and customize our space!

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