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Assistance Request Forms

All requests must be submitted via the appropriate forms - if you have issues completing the form you can contact us for troubleshooting. Social workers and GALs may also complete the form on behalf of the child. 


Item Request Form

Use this form to request assistance with new placements, seasonal clothing assistance or other needs you may have for children in your care. 

See FAQs below for more information on making requests.

Happy Family

18-21 & Beyond Assistance

This form is for those who aged out of foster care 18-21 and Beyond to request assistance for essential needs and support. 

**We do not provide financial assistance**

  • Who is eligible for Foster Pantry services and resources?
    Licensed Foster Parents, Kinship/Relative Caregivers, and birth parents who care for children that have an active case with the local DHHS can submit requests for assistance for all children living in their home, including biological and adoptive children. Caregivers receiving In-Home services from DHHS are also eligible for services. Social workers and Guardian ad Litems can also submit requests on behalf of their families. We primarily serve New Hanover, Brunswick, and Pender Counties. Caregivers who reside in other counties may also submit requests and we will be happy to assist them if we are able to verify their placement with their agency. We are unable to deliver outside of our primary counties at this time but pick up can be arranged. Foster Pantry is NOT Need-Based, we will not ask you for your income.
  • I have a new placement, what kind of assistance can you provide?"
    Our new placement bag is our foundation and primary program. We rely on community donations so that we can provide caregivers with the tangible items they need when they first welcome children into their home. These items can be anything from clothing, shoes, toiletries to toys, books and furnishings. Do not hesistate to ask for any and all items you need. We do our best to fulfill all requests, however it is subject to our current inventory which varies depending on donations received.
  • How often can I submit a request for a child in my care?
    Currently requests can be submitted for all children who reside with you including bio and adopted children as the need arises. Priority will be given to foster children and new placements. We will fulfill recurring and seasonal requests based on the inventory we have at the time of the request.
  • How do I prove I am a foster caregiver?
    When you complete the request form be sure to provide either the child's social worker's information, or your licensing worker's information so that we can reach out to the agency to confirm the placement. To expedite your request you can also email us a copy of your placement letter to
  • Do I need to return the items you provided when I no longer need them?
    The items we provide for children in your care are for the children to keep until they no longer have a need for them. Should the child move homes or reunite with parents/family we expect that the items go with the children. This includes, but is not limited to car seats, clothing, toys, furnishings. If the child no longer needs the items due to "growing out" of them, they can be returned to the Foster Pantry or may be passed along to another family in need. There will be an exception in some cases where we loan items out with the expectation they are returned within a certain time period. For example when available we loan out Mamaroos for newborn NAS babies with the expectation they will be returned when child out grows it at 6 months or if the child is moved to a new home. However, if you have items you no longer need you are welcome to return them to us.
  • I recently received my foster care license; can you help me prepare for future placements?"
    At this time we are unable to assist foster parents prepare for future placements so that we can be sure to have items readily available for children when they actually come into care. However we can provide you with advice and other resources that may be able to assist depending on your need.
  • Can I just get a gift card to buy what I need?
    As with all items, gift cards are subject to availability at the time of the request. Gift cards are reserved for youth ages 14-17 when they first enter care and if they require adult sizing that we do not have on hand. and youth 18-21 as they transition out of foster care. Each child is limited to an amount of $100 per gift card, and amount may vary based on availability.
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