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Aging Out & Foster Care 18-21

Youth who age out of foster care are more likely to engage in risky behaviors and more likely to experience hardships such as homelessness, joblessness, early parenthood and substance use.

Foster Pantry is dedicated to easing the transitions of youth in foster care, from the time they enter care till they transition out of care. Through our programming we provide support, services and essential needs to the local foster care community.


One in five report expe­ri­enc­ing home­less­ness between ages 17 and 19, and over one in four (29%) report being home­less from 19 to 21. 

Source: The Annie E Casey Foundation
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Assistance Requests

Providing essential such as clothing, shoes, toiletries, school supplies and so much more! 

Moving Forward 


Foster Pantry hopes to make a positive impact on youth who are Aging Out of Foster Care by awarding scholarships up to $1000 that are aimed at assisting them with life after foster care.

Applications currently closed! Stay tuned for more information.

Ready for Class

One Simple Wish

One Simple Wish believes that everyone should experience love, hope & joy. We are excited to partner with One Simple Wish to grant wishes for our youth affected by foster care. 



Connecting youth with local resources and organizations that can ease the transition into adulthood.

Foster Youth

Advisory Board

In 2023, we hope to form a Foster Youth Advisory Board. We value their input and ideas and look forward to using their advice to grow and expand our programming.

Teen Braces


Birthday Celebration

Providing a celebration for their 18th birthday on their final court date. Providing cake, decorations & gifts for the youth on their special day



Acknowledging special occasions, milestones, and showing they have a community that cares by providing care packages throughout the year. 

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Celebrating holidays with them by providing Christmas Stockings, Holiday Gifts, Easter Baskets and more!

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How You Can Help


Our monthly donors are essential to our mission, ensuring we can maintain our current programming so that we can contiune to ease the transitions of children in foster care

$25 provides a book bag full of supplies, $50 provides one meal for a new foster family who just brought home their first placement, $100 provides a teen with a gift card for clothes.


We have big plans for our older youth in foster care. But the reality is that we need YOU to make that happen. 

A sponsorship allows you to ensure your funds go towards the program that you designate. This can help us sustain a current program or launch a new program. Sponsors will be recognized when promoting the programs.


Items for teens are always on our Greatest Needs List, and sadly the least likely to get donated.

So we created a Teen Wish List to help stock our shelves with frequently asked for items and other items that would make the transitions of foster care a little easier.



Donation drives are a fun way to get your family, neighborhood, office, small group and friends involved.

Toiletries, Journals, Shoes, Hoodies, Hair Tools, Make Up Kits and Gaming Accessories are always needed. Contact us for our current needs and schedule your donation drive today!


Community Partners of Our Aging Out Program

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